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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 6, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. as the sunset in san jose there was no sign or trace of a 6-year-old boy. search teams searched the neighborhood as the mother was in the back of a police car. he walked out of the home and the boy has not seen since. he is autistic and unable to communicate. we're following the story. the police has spent much of the day where the boy lives hoping to find him.
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>> he'ser these are the flyers going around the neighborhood. a smiling six-year-old, he slipped away this morning. >> that's as the sky darkened a police helicopter buzzed communication hill and the sprawling neighborhood. a complex of subsidies -- subsidized neighborhood. >> everyone is worried. it's too much time. >> from the back of a police car the mothers boyfriend. >> he has so much energy, he starts running. he's unstopped. >> sergio was jumping on the sofa and watching tv and then silence. they looked for him for an hour and called police. an all-out search involving
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trained volunteers canvassed the area, his autism keeps him from speaking in sentences. he may have tripped -- stripped off his jeans and t-shirts down to his diaper. >> was there a and sent picked up by the dogs. >> they had hits they thought near the subject's home and didn't pan out, too much beyond that. maybe he went to a playground. >> it brought out people in the area who want to help. >> i have two nephews, i don't nose what i would do. >> we live up the hill. >> all day police detained surge osceola -- surgeo's ma'am and stepdad. >> we are not hiding anything. >> the house was turned upside down by officers.
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he's slipped out before. she was unhappy being kept in a patrol car. >> i don't have any idea. i feel guilty. there's no reason. >> with that the couple was driven to a nearby school that's the command post. after apheses hours they left in another police car. a family member said the boy's father is of interest to investigators on the chance he may have taken his son. we've learned the father has a long criminal history and no custody rights. officers are looking at homeless camps he's known to frequent in case. there's search and rescue volunteers back and awaiting more instruction from san jose police. richmond police are looking for a suspected car thief that
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trove into a transit bus. richard continue tar -- richard contreras. stole a honda, sped through the neighborhood and crashed into the bus. the bus slammed into a home. >> it's pretty devastating. obviously somebody on the sidewalk could have been killed, and not to mention the people in the bus. >> the city red tagged the house, the woman and the two daughters in the home suffered minor injuries. contreras escaped. the younger brother of the suspect was arrested. new developments on the five-alarm fire in the mission district that destroyed a
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novelty store. the crews demolished that building. the owners of the big house incorporated store plan to rebuild. a man wanted for attacking another man has turned himself in. that attack happened on labor day in san jose. it was caught on cell phone video. the recording shows 41-year-old franciscoo livo attacking an elderly man in a blue shirt. olivo said the man had exposed himself to the son. the police say the investigation has not substantiated that claim. a woman fell to her death following a crash on the highway 101 near the 680
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connection ramp. the driver lost control of the car. the driver and the woman got out of the car, that's when the driver of a mazda crashed into the honda. the honda struck the woman and knocked her over the wall. the woman is 27-year-old laura banuelos. she fell 60 feet to the on-ramp below. new details about a fire near yosemite. cal fire increased containment to 60%. dozens of firefighters from the bay area are battling the blaze. some officials say despite the progress danger remains. >> strike teams from here and santa clara cal fire are helping and some of the marin county firefighters were die verted from another fire in
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lake county. >> 900 firefighters are battling the bridge fire burning near yosemite national park. helping out is a strike team from marin county. 21 people helping in fire stations and on the fire lines. >> the overhead personnel are on the line organizing the ground resources to reinforce the lines and coordinated air drops. >> the fire threatens 700 homes. the red cross set up a shelter to help those forced to evacuate. >> i bought the house a year ago, i'd hate to lose it. or any of my neighbors lose their house. >> this is another incident. due to the dry conditions, fire activity is high. >> airdrops played a role in slowing the fire and helping
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firefighters create a line around the blaze. this evening evacuations were lifted for the ponderosa basement area. >> the potential is there because we have hot spots and the wind is still a factor for us, so that will continue to be an issue, but crews are making fantastic progress and we're cautiously optimistic. >> and the marin county battalion chief said because october and november is more extreme fire weather. they are bringing reserves in to make sure they are well- prepared here at home. >> late tonight air quality officials issued a smoke advisory from the wildfires. air quality may be poor through monday. as kara mentioned cal fair
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will remain vigilant. tracking the conditions that the firefighters are facing. >> we're talking about how dry it is, and this is the height of fire season heading into september and october. look at the wildfires across the state. out toward lake fire is pretty much contained. this big one the happy camp complex, 88,000-acres are producing smoke. the smoke could impact the air quality sunday and monday. as fares the latest on the bridge fire, the conditions right now are in the 60s, here's the forecast for tomorrow for the fire crews, temperature heating up. back up in the 90s, 94 for maximum temperature. winds 10 miles an hour, but very dry, humidity around 12% as we head toward the three,
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4:00 hour. i'm tracking a warming trend increasing the fire danger. more on that at 10:35. new indications of the fraequipment of the cease -- fragility of the cease-fire in the ukraine. this fire started after the government forces came under fire. the artillery blast ignited the fire. the presidents of russia and ukraine said the cease-fire was holding but those in the city remain weary -- wary. >> there's confusion, we don't know what will happen, when people say we must live in a united ukraine be see the forces in retreat. what should we think. >> the cease-fire deal was signed by representatives of ukraine, russia and pro russia rebels. 26 people have been killed
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since april when towns were seized. syrian airplanes dropped bombs killing 25 people. the majority civilians. many gathered in a crowded bakery. at least 16 civilians were killed and nine extremist fighters died. kurdish fighters recovered a mountain assisted by u.s. air strikes. mountain czar tack. kurdish leaders say it's an important step in taking back hose you'll -- moas you'll -- authorities have found debris that may be from a small plane
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crash. they searched for the plane off jamaica coast. it could be consistent with a high impact crash. a new york couple both pilots are believed to be the only people on board the plane. they were flying to florida when they reported trouble. they may have passed out from a lack of oxygen as the plane flew for hours before crashing when it like ryan out of -- likely ran out of fuel. firefighters say a man, a woman and 8-year-old child got stuck to rocks off half moon bay when the tide came in. the harbor master sent a rescue boat. they were able to get all 3 to shore safely. we'll soon know if the turf
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at leify -- levi stadium held up. officials replaced the old sod with the type of grass that was used add candlestick for years. in that situation that's where you automatically go to. that's what's happening with my kids. >> the scary moments for a man in a place that looked safe. new concerns about military equipment sent to local police. not about using the equipment but losing track of it. you can't keep the wine from flowing in napa. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. ♪
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get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. . police are searching for a person who broke into an parent on gooding way on university village in albany. more on what happened at the housing complex. >> university village if albany. home to eric bartell and his family. he got a rude awakening while sleeping on his couch. >> woke up to someone trying to
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wipe my face, saying they had a gun. martell thinks someone left the apartment door unlocked. the robber hit him on the side of the head and asking for valuables. >> the intruder was fast, taking a knapsack full of textbooks. he could only think of her and the children in their bedrooms. >> that's where you go to, what's happening with my kids and how can i protect them. >> neighbor jeff avila said it's unnerving. >> it's a family complex, we have kids and we try to lock the cores. is not going to stop them. >> many said this complex has the appearance of being safe but in addition to the home invasion there's been burglary, car break in and bike thoughs. >> you hear about it from word
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of mouth. >> avila wants everyone to know what happened. uc berkeley police say keep the doors and windows locked and hide valuables so you're not an easy target. >> one day down the road he will be caught. >> uc berkeley police are looking for any information leading to an arrest. police in san leandro are turning to technology and the community. they are trying to get residents and business owners to register their surveillance video with the city. if a crime is committed they could go to the video to review what the cameras captured. >> the whole program is voluntary. it's voluntary to register and if you do retain the video you don't have to give it us to
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unless you want to. >> several other bay area cities have similar registrations. if you want to reamingster your system go to and look under the link. the associated press found 235,000 homes and businesses lack water meters. many in the hard hit central valley. the top 10 districts show higher than average water use. state law requires all customers to be metered by 2025. evacuations on the coast of baja, toppling trees and knocking out power. forecasters say the storm may bring rain to san diego and los angeles counties. a coast guard cutter has
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returned. it docked in alameda. it seized 10,000-pounds of illegal narcotics and caught six drug smugglers. we've seen police armed with guns, tasers and batons, now there's grenade launchers, where this equipment is headed next. i find it amazing that the mayor of the city of oakland would not want better training for the first responders. >> oakland says no thanks to hosting this police training. the response from other authorities that would benefit from practicing these scenarios. a lot of sunshine for today, and more low clouds on the way. the coolest day of the week and the high clouds associated with the hurricane could approach
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some of the surplus gear that police agencies in northern california of acquired from the department of defense. now that several agencies have been suspended because of missing weapons. >> this is the kind of equipment we're talking about. mine resistant vehicle. citizen didn't want it. >> i personally do not feel safer with a armored vehicle used by the vehicle rolling down my street. >> it's not the only one in northern california, south lake tahoe, yuba city and vacaville got them. that's not all. data requested and just
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released reveals 16,000 military surplus items, mostly guns were turned over to police agencies across california. 17,000 m-16 rifles have been distributed in the last two years. and there's other items. the state correction system got 80 pairs of night vision goggles. woodland got 15 bayonets. agencies were given military gear as part of the department of defense surplus. the police departments have to keep track of them. >> the sutter county sheriff office, stockton police department and the california highway patrol sacramento disbeen suspended after the total of six rifles were
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missing. a m-16 stolen from a chp officer. a spokesperson said they are victims of crime. more details on the military equipment. alameda county received a grenade launcher and the san jose police decided to get rid of their vehicle. sal inas good a bombproof vehicle. south san francisco got one. the alameda sheriff department responded to the refusal to hold urban shield police exercises next year. >> urban shield continued training with a scenario of a gunman taking over a church. nelson doesn't understand the decision. >> i find it amazing that the
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mayor of the city of oakland would not want better training for the first responders. you're talking police, fire, search and rescue, nurses, doctors, medical, emt. everyone gets trained. >> as why they are using military equipment. there's too many violent incidents using and officers would useless gear if they could. >> there's not a law enforcement that likes putting on a bulletproof vest and going to work. protesters demonstrating against the training. the mayor was based on events in ferguson, missouri and keeping good release -- relations. veterans were in sacramento for a hiring our heroes event. the unemployment rate for veterans who served on active
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duty since 2001 stands at 1%. finding a civilian job is challenging. i'm in between job, had time off, it's time to get back into the fold. >> today's job fair included introductions to potential employees, resume writing and tips on interviewing techniques. there's a lot of work to be done in napa, but there's signs it's getting back to normal. why tonight's event means more this year. up-close look at police work, the special open house aimed at bringing officers closer to community they serve.
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is city of vallejo has struggled with financial troubles, depleted police force and spike in crime. >> john shows how police are trying to build relationship with the community. >> people of all ages got to see what it feels like to be a police officer in vallejo. >> all the school stuff they had was amazing. this was the open house. >> just getting the families out here and enjoying the day. this is their police department. >> it comes at a tough time with police across the country with strained relationships. this gives folks an opportunity to see us as we are. we have a tough job to do. it's important we reach out to the community. >> still close to 2000 people came to see the vehicle and try on the gear.
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>> i feel good about the police. i don't mind them being on my side. i would call them if i was in trouble. they are doing good things for the community. >> amanda blaine made balloon animals for the kids. >> the department is preparing now to transition from chief crimes to the new chief. >> finding outweighs to partner with the community, work together on issues, the police department does not have the resources. >> they have had 10 times as many today as last year and they want to grow it into the future. . devoted apple fans are lining up outside new york city in anticipation of the new inphone six. the company has not said it is releasing a new phone only
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there will be a big announcement on tuesday. that's all it took to get people excited to camp out. the first two spots are held by a couple from jackson mississippi. napa valley is trying to recover from the earthquake. there's signs life is returning to normal. >> music and food came together as the red sox bow public market -- oxbow public market. the merchants put out the best spread to raise money for a good cause. there's a need to feed those less fortunate. >> there's a lot of people in the community that need help. the food bank provides a unique service and we're collided to
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be in -- delighted to be a position to help. we have friends that are not open. you want to get the word out to come out. we're still alive. support everyone in napa. >> the opening reception featured a oyster bar following the dinner and dessert. the market was transformed into an after hours dance club. drake bay oyster company is open. a group of farmers teamed up to launch a new legal campaign to keep the federal government from forcing the company to close. a judge will hear the lawsuit on tuesday in oakland. in july the department of interior refused to sign the lease. a study found that blue whales have recovered so well
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the population matches levels seen before whale hunting began. 200 -- 2200 live in the pacific ocean. that's about 97% of the whale population that existed in 1905. the whales were almost hunted to extension, the fin whale remain endangered. habitat for humanity is going solar. grid alternative sponsors a solarthon. they helped to put solar on eight homes in the ocean view neighborhood. >> they will have long term afford built. they won't have to worry about paying for food or paying the bills. >> it's estimated that the families will save $135,000
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over the solar system lifetime. it's harvest time, in asia means it's time to celebrate the moon. san francisco's chinatown is holding the moon festival. it dates back a thousand years. lion dancers kicked off the festival along with beauty queens and ed lee. it's important to pass on the tradition. >> celebrations about food and family together. you know about the moon cake, we have the celebration and we eat moon cake. >> the festival resumes tomorrow and the dragon is the star of the grand finale. the event is free. rescuers are working to bring people the safe after flash floods killed 200 people.
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10s of thousands are stranded and in danger due to the rains. authorities say 4,000 homes have collapsed and dozens of bridges are damaged. >> in india a bus filled with a wedding party washed away. the region is suffering from the worst flooding in decades. it's something people rarely see. hear the shocked reaction from the man recording this volcanic reaction. we'll look at the full sunday forecast.
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. >> watch out for the shock, it's coming. holy smoking toledo. >> a look at a volcanic explosion in new guinea. this was taken last month by an australian couple. in 94 this volcano and another erupted simultaneously. five people died then. four from collapsed roofs and one was struck by lightning. a lot of sunshine across the bay area today. right now the low clouds and fog regrouping. you know the forecast, lots of clouds to start off sunday morning. you can't pick out the current cloud pattern, partly cloudy skies, the marine layer clouds developing offshore.
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current numbers out there, we have 50s and 60s, all right 56 in santa rosa. a few neighborhoods in the upper 40s. san jose 60, hayward 63. concord 54. san francisco 53. for tonight we have fair skies and coastal fog. here's the live camera looking toward the bay bridge. not much in the way of dense fog. clearing back into the shoreline and a warming trend on the long-range forecast map. here's the expected coverage tomorrow morning. clearing back near the beaches revealing partly to mostly sunny skies. tomorrow probably cooler than today as the weather system moves in from the north. hurricane norbert with winds from 85 miles an hour.
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weakening but the moisture will move into southern california and approaching the bay area. the shower potential will be to the south of the bay area. we'll pick up high clouds. keep it in the forecast, the showers developing toward san diego tomorrow morning and pop- up showers across the southeast portion of the state. it could feel muggy around here. the high clouds approaching the region. the overcast will be south of the bay area. forecast highs, lots of 80s and 70s. as we fly around the bay. it could be hazy with the fires burning across northern california. approaching the bay area in the form of haze. morgan hill 85, san francisco 66. clouds in the morning, partly cloudy for the afternoon. winds pick up. here's a look ahead.
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the five-day forecast. monday will be the coolest day of the week. we'll warm up the numbers. you will notice the change back up to the low-to-mid-90s. this is typically the time of the year we have the bay area summer. maybe 93s and 95s out there. >> and like a scroll, we declare. the red cross is facing a blood shortage. volunteers stepped up to donate. the red cross said 10,000 people nation wide have rolled up their sleeves. despite the surge, officials say that type o negative, b negative are needed. >> if you give blood you are saving three people's lives. the need is urgent and gratifying. >> today's blood drive was held
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at the moraga valley presbyterian church. >> the giants try to grab the giants -- cubs by the tail. the usc and stanford game goes down to the wire.
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. welcome to saturday sports wrap. we've seen crazy things in the stanford usc series. nothing should surprise us and what happened today was not only unpredictable it's almost indescribable.
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stanford had nine drives. first is a 49-yard field goal attempt. inside the red zone. snap it over montgomery head. they have to punt. third drive, short touchdown. it's 7-7. 4th drive field goal from williamson. 10-7 at the half. fifth drive. field goal attempt. chip shop. missed that. inside the five on the next drive. fourth and inches and mark gets stuff. usc ties it at 10. seventh drive. it looked terrible and didn't work. they get nothing out of it. 8th drive, kevin, hooper, touchdown. stanford up seven. they are not. a chop block nullified it. sends them back 15 yards.


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